Feedback on the new homestore i made

Hello! i recently made this homestore and I would love your feedback!
also I’m confused on how much I should sell this for (around 15k?) and where should I sell this…


the 2 imaages are a mistake it was supposeed to be only 1

The homestore looks pretty good, although, you can add more detail, like plants, benches, etc.
And on the outside of the store, you can add trees, flowers, etc. That’s about it.

Thank you for the suggestion! yes i will add some decoration i have also changed the size

Looks great! As HenryNguyen12345Alt stated earlier; Decoration would be nice to go around the Building / Homestore so it doesn’t look plain and empty around the building.

Other than that, keep up the great work!

Couldn’t agree more with @HenryNguyen12345Alt that you should add some decorations around the build. However, I would lower the price down to 1k - 2k because I’ve seen much massive builds (airports, etc.) that’s been sold for 5k, if you’re planning on adding interiors and completing the whole map then 15k sounds like a good deal.

Regarding where you can sell it, hit me up with a DM on Discord, which is hi.#7982. I will send you the invite link to the marketplace.

thank you for the suggestion! yes i am increasing the size because as of right now it looks very small

an update on the homestore still not done yet but working on it