Feedback on the start of a city i'm making

I’m working on a personal project called Void City, I would like some feedback on the beginning of it.
The city has a neon-modern kind of style!

Any feedback would be fine :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, I like this a lot! Details on the builds seem pretty decent as well. There are some things I would recommend though:

  • Atmosphere added to Lighting
  • Higher Quality Skybox (unless you really want to give it a more city like vibe)
  • Maybe just maybe Future Lighting…? I feel like this city could benefit from it lots!

Oh! And one more thing! This is an edit btw. Maybe try designing logos for the buildings instead of using ThreeDText? I feel like the text and fonts kinda clash the really well designed buildings!

hello fellow void lol


Thank you! I can never find a fitting skybox, haha.
And yeah detail is a top priority in my builds, alot of it wasn’t caught on the screenshot because the quality isn’t very high.

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Makes sense! If you have the game open, can I look at it with a higher quality? Just to kinda visualize it better?

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I highly insist you use the new Future Lighting technology, it would be very good to build the city with that rather than ShadowMap since the lighting in the game casts little to no shadows at all on high graphics. I feel like the city would have lots more depth as Future Lighting introduces a very light Volumetric Lighting that brings the life to things. Also, again, I insist making shop logos as the text clashes with the building. Lastly, I love the optimization in your game! Whenever I try to screenshot it lowers my FPS cuz it’s opening the screenshot program, but it hits 200fps for me on max graphics which is very rare for a game of that detail. Nice work :+1:

Heres a picture close to 200fps anyways

Thank you very much!

And hey, im kind of a noob when it comes to game settings, how would one use Future Lighting technology?

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Go in the Studio Explorer, then find “Lighting”, and click on it. Under the properties menu, you’ll find an option that says “Technology”. Click on the drop down, and select “Future”. If you’re not using Graphics Quality 5 or higher you won’t see any changes to the lighting, but it will look very good for users who like graphics. Very appealing stuff :smiley:

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Here’s some examples of what Future Lighting can do:

It can cause a glare on the floor if it’s Metal or Glass. Very good for wooden laminate floors, or even bathroom floors.

Lights will cast a shine on the walls around it. Very good for metal, or even bricks as you’ll see the light get in the cracks

Floor Shine

Wall Shine (look to the upper left)

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Oh. My. God. I’ve been missing out haven’t i. I’m going to use this asap

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Yeah! Sometimes though it won’t look good for every project, and it can cause more performance drops for users who want to use it, however for Mobile Devices (select few, not too sure) it will revert to ShadowMap regardless. However, it’s very stunning, and I’d love to see your game with these qualities!

One more thing to note, you can make Lights cast shadows. With shadow map, the player won’t really cast a shadow onto the floor. Players aren’t the only things that will cast shadows though! Parts will as well, so lets say you make a lamp post, the lamp will cast a shadow onto the wall near it since the light has the Shadows option that is new to Future. It’s an option you can set with the PointLight, SurfaceLight, and SpotLight.

I’m heading to sleep now, good luck!! If you ever need a GFX for a thumbnail or something I’d be happy to volunteer. Been trying out Volumetric Lighting in blender, and could only imagine what I could do with it on your model. Keep up the awesome work!

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Lacking in detail in some places such but overall pretty great

Looks good however I don’t like the colour / color of some of the buildings (the white ones) maybe if you changed the colour / color to a brighter white then maybe that would be better. But other than that you did an amazing job!

Alot of detail wasn’t caught on this shot, but alot more detail will be added.

Yes i also noticed that, i’m going to change the color to a more lighter white.

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Then I can predict it’ll look amazing when it’s complete

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