Feedback on the starter of my game’s backstory

Im thinking of a zombie invasion game, this is the starter of my game’s backstory, please provide feedback.

The mad scientist:

There is a mad scientist who tries to make an “infinite life” potion, the problem is that he knocked a bottle of unidentifiable liquid into the mix, causing it to fizz and spill. It begins to shake, the scientist is terrified, he then runs out of the room while the potion is left alone to do its own thing. He ran and ran and told everyone that there would be a zombie apocalypse, everyone ignored him and labelled him as “Crazy”. He took shelter in his bunker. Zombies started to pour out of the laboratory, causing havoc around the city. The scientist was now a wanted man, his photo shown everywhere, from train carriages, to doors on houses. He was everywhere.

Civilians were searching for weapons, they searched from dark alleys to the cupboard under the stairs.

The zombie apocalypse was not in control, but at least most people had something to defend themselves. Whether it be something as powerful as a shotgun, or as weak as an old rusty shovel found in grandad’s shed, at least everyone had something.

The backstory is not very fleshed out and contains some plot holes.

  1. Why was the scientist trying to make an infinite life potion?
  2. Where did the zombies come from? The potion taking affect on colleagues, test subjects, deceased family members/close friends inside the lab etc. would make sense, but a zombie coming from out of nowhere does not seem plausible.
  3. Consider adding proper nouns? Things like the city’s/country’s name, scientist’s name, etc.

The storyline is also quite generic. There’s no specifics. Does the scientist have some sort of vendetta? Was he trying to bring back his SO for a specific reason? What is the setting? Any more characters? We know that:

  • Scientist accidentally creates zombie potion.
  • Scientist warns others to no avail and hides in bunker.
  • Zombies come out of lab and create an apocolypse.
  • Scientist is infamous.
  • People can defend themselves.

But it needs more. There’s nothing interesting. Are there any characters to focus on? Do we even have man characters or side characters other than the anonymous villain, anonymous civilians, anonymous city, anonymous everything?

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Thats actually some really good feedback, ill change a few things then.

I was just asking for feedback before i make the game otherwise some would know it as “trash”, “boring” or just terrible

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