Feedback on these basic trees

Hello, DevForum Community!
I am asking for some simple feedback on these trees that I created. I will be using them in games that I work on in the future. Is there anything that I can improve such as size, different patterns, or a different shape?
Images: [They go in order of the seasons, Spring-Winter.]


They look quite similar to those you can find in the toolbox. You know… the ones with the particles and falling fruit :thinking:

I built this hand made, took me a brief 5-10 minutes to complete it.

Well to start off, the way the branches are styled (thin and extended) are not something I see commonly on Roblox; I feel like this style isn’t ideal in my opinion. I recommend thick branches without an excessive amount of trunks.

Secondly, the tree looks anti-intimidating and weak. It seems to be… 7-8 parts.

Lastly, it is trendy to delicately increase the transparency of the blocks that make a tree, but I find this specific practice odd. Either set the transparency to zero, or don’t clip blocks intentionally.

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Hey, the tree design looks nice, although I do have a few tips to make the tree a bit more realistic.

  • Make the leaves non transparent.
    This is just for a touch of the ROBLOX style.

  • Make the branches go in all directions
    From the photo you posted, it looks like the branches you made only go one way. Make some lean towards the left side or the right side.

  • Rotate the Leaves
    From what I see, you didn’t rotate the leaves. You should rotate 1 45 degrees, and one 60 degrees, or your choice on rotation.

  • Add a small decoration.
    Some decoration, such as little red dots for apples on the tree would be really nice to see.

  • Add mini branches
    It’d be nice to see some small branches sticking out the tree, with not leaves connected to them.

  • Add a root system
    You should add some roots near the bottom. For example, put the tree on a small hill, and have roots going into the ground from it.

  • Resize each leave
    I think you should really resize each leave to a certain size, as It’ll make it look a lot better.

Anyways, those are just some of my suggestions. Overall, the tree was great! Good luck with your building journey in ROBLOX!


My Suggestions

1.You should add more leaves to it, and scale it out some more it’s a little to thin. I’ll add more more branches to it and add,some different shapes to them!

2.For the size i would suggest you make them a bit more taller! and make them different sizes. For the shapes try making bigger! shapes to the branches and adding more thick trunks to it…

Overall it’s good i would just scale the trunk more bigger. instead of it being just a thin tree, you could also add more parts to it keep it up!!

Personally I would recommend to make the base a bit more thick.

Here is a more advanced version with another one having a different color, pattern of apples, and size.


Ah, yes, I love it! You did a great job adding all the suggestions me and other people listed, and it turned out amazing!

It looks great! Having variants is always nice, as it makes things look more alive.
Here are some things I’d recommend to improve this design:

  • The roots of the tree should go into the ground. The current design makes it look like the roots are sitting on the ground.
  • Perhaps add some branches lower down in the tree, as well as small patches of leaves at the ends of these branches.

I hope that I helped! :slight_smile: