Feedback on this armory

Feedback on this armory for a core game (Meltdown/Freezedown.)
It was made by my friend XshadowExiled he cant post on dev forum yet.
Another thing the gun models are NOT made by me or XshadowExiled
we will make are own when i have enough experience with blender.


Inside Angle 1

Inside Angle 2

Inside Angle 3

Once again This is NOT made by me its made by my friend XshadowExiled
Thank you and happy developing!


I don’t like it as much as the Panel… This is more Simplistic and not as Neon nor matching, please I beg try to make it match your theme of the game!


Thanks for the feed back!
It is a little bit empty and could use a little more
pizzazz we will try to make it look better
Happy developing!

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Overall, pretty good build for someone who I’m guessing is a beginner; however, there are multiple critiques that can be made for this build:

  • There’s a huge abundance of lights, and this is my personal opinion, it’s too bright. I personally like some distance between my lights to give it a more ominous, darker look. It would not only make the build look more detailed, but it would also suit a lot more for an armoury.

  • Why doesn’t the red line continue along the entirety of the room and stop at random intervals? It makes the room asymmetrical and extremely off-putting and unpleasing to look at.

  • The middle of the build is extremely empty, with everything sticking around the walls, I would personally put some lockers and benches in the middle to fill up the empty space. Some pillars would look fitting too, filling up the space and giving more options for detail.


Thanks for the feedback!
My friend and I are both beginners to building and lighting
so we will try our best to fix it!
Thanks for the feedback and happy developing!

How is this to fix the lighting?

It looks like a model pack. I don’t like how everything is stuck to the wall.

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Thanks for the feedback! We are working on
placing more things in the middle such as lockers more gun cases etc.
Thanks for responding and happy developing!

It’s probably still a bit too light in my opinion. I also think you should make the color of the floor a little bit darker. Maybe make it concrete instead. Everything else seems dark, so it’s kind weird in my opinion to see a super light floor.

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Alright ill experiment with it and try to keep people updated
Happy developing!

I am probably not the one to say (I am new to developing) but I don’t think you really fixed the lighting, it looks pretty much the same to me. One thing I’d like to ask is what kind of look are you going for? The way you construct your room is up to you, but based on what the overall tone of the game is you should adjust it accordingly (you may have explained this already in another post, if you have, link it for me and I’ll look there instead of making you explain it again). Is it supposed to be a high stress gritty game, like a military emergency of some sort, or is it supposed to be a calmer more rule based one? Depending on the tone you should adjust your game accordingly. Anyways, good work. The more you do the more you’ll learn, and the better you will get.

Well its a core type game meaning it will have meltdown and freeze downs if you want to see a
game that inspired me a bit then play (22) Innovation Inc. Spaceship - Roblox
Thank you and happy developing!

Progress on the room

I think you should just have 4 lights instead of 8.

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So four at each corner or four in the middle?
thanks for the response and happy developing!

4 evenly distributed across the roof.

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Like this?

if you are wondering what the white icons are thats the plugin i use to edit lights

Move the rows of the lights further apart like this:

Edit: yes that’s good

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This might be to far apart but like this?

xd indeed.
Ok thanks! ill turn up the angle to max so it the light will cover more parts of
the room thank you and happy developing!

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Update on Progression looks alot better im my opinion and its not even done!

Thank you and happy developing!

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