Feedback on this build so far?

What are your thoughts on the plants I made aswell? and what can I add in to make it feel more alive?


I admire the detail you’ve put into the grass, and just the trees give a very good surrounding. When I looked at the pictures, it gave me camping mood, so possibly you could add tents. :man_shrugging: :thinking:


Very impressive with your attention to detail and your use of terrain. Possibly mess around with lighting to give it more of a creepy vibe when at dark. Also mix up the builds with adding abandoned buildings or as suggested before, tents and/or campfires.


Trees are placed very well, they aren’t too smothered together like most people make them. Great work with the terrain, I think you should add a few campsites spread around the map, and add mountains around the map.


I feel as it is going well, I do see a lot of things I like what is the game about?

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It’s a raid map for a war group

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Then some bunkers, sand bags, bushes, and stuff. Tank traps?

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Wow, An amazing build so far! Though I love the environment, I would suggest better modeled trees. Other than that, it looks great!


Not sure about a bunker,maybe bushes, and definitely sandbags.

Try adding trenches with wooden plank floorboards as part of the decoration/practical use for this war group.

In some of the open area I think tall grass or like, wheat…? Might look good, but that’s just me. Great build anyways!

Good idea! but I don’t think wheat would fit in on this kind of forestry biome.

Maybe add some branches on the ground? It gives the vibe of a hiking game, but I see how the camping idea works too.

Absolutely I’ve added some. Thank you.

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