Feedback on this build

You can see the model here:

Thanks for reading!

Try adding a bit more details. For example: The stone ring around the arena has little wooden support beams to break up the grey texture. Maybe try this with different colored wood on the seats.

Also, I noted your platform does not have those support beams.

Try playing with that theme. Good job.

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Looks quite good.

My Suggestions

1.For the arena you should scale that in more to the sides. As you can see the arena is way to small and it’s not scaled to the sides all the way you, can get stuck in the crack that is in the back of it. Below:


2.Also the arena floor part needs some scaling a bit more, as you can see there is still cracks on the floor part. And the wood piece that is holding the tower up you need to scale that in! a bit more all the others, are scaled right just not right one…

Tower Piece

3.You should scale everything on your arena. There is a lot of parts that are not lined up to the parts correctly i would fix, that and you should try making it more bigger it looks very small! in the circle area.

Needs Fixing


That’s all from me. I would suggest you change the color to. A more stone material hope you keep up the hard work!!

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Well thanks for your feedback, btw, this was one of my first builds

Thx for the feedback :slight_smile: