Feedback on this cabin


Hello, I just decided to make this thread to see if anyone had any ideas on what to add, remove or change around

All feedback is greatly appreciated, Thank you very much

I am still new enough to lighting so if anyone has any tips & tricks to help me improve it would also be greatly appreciated

Thank you ~ Rismy


Adding a rural road, maybe a dirt path, and some more dense forestry might make it look a bit better. But the cabin itself is very good!

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The cabin is very great! You are a very talented builder, keep up the great work. :+1:

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Very nice, there’s not much to say about the cabin it’s self. Maybe add some smoke on the smoke stack and maybe add some depth like 3D texture or paneling to the roof. Ik it’s not the cabin but I’d make some terrain using the Roblox tool and more realistic trees and shrubbery. Good work over all, keep it up!

It looks awesome! Small suggestion, but I suggest adding a smoke effect up the chimney for a bit of a warmer vibe. Nicely done :+1:

Really nice design! I like the winter theme and lighting!

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The house design is really great; however, I feel like the lighting is a bit unrealistic. The outside ambient feels too bright for a night setting and doesn’t do the build much justice. Nice work though, keep up the good work!

It’s a super nice cabin. :sunglasses: I suggest adding a path leading to the cabin, some smoke as said above by other devs. :slightly_smiling_face:

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