Feedback on this currency bar/shop frame?

Hi, so lately I’ve been working on importing new UI to my game. However, I did forget to tell my UI designer I needed something to display how many chips (the game’s currency) the player has…forcing me to whip something up on my own.

Here’s a draft, I just wondered if this design looked decent or if I should try something else. I’m not super good with this kind of stuff :frowning:

The currency bar would also only be visible when the shop was visible, or if a prompt comes up for the player if they’re trying to buy something.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, thanks!


If you arent already putting something there, I dont see a reason why you dont put the chips bar right here:

Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 5.47.44 PM


It’s pretty good, but I suggest you make the yellow bar on the bottom a bit look like 3D just like what you have did on the frame.

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I guess this is the button “Buy”?

No I think the buy button doubles as the equip.

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My UI designer made everything you see, I’m just importing it, and that’s why I was struggling a bit trying to add in a currency display.

The yellow bar was mainly for decoration on all the general screens.

This is a very well made and balanced UI; the colour scheme is nice, the theme is nice, and overall it’s aesthetically appealing.

The only thing I would change is this text:
“Item Name” and “750” doesn’t really fit into this aesthetic.

Great work!


It’s really pretty. I like the yellow disk insertion extrusion at the bottom, and it all looks really pretty. The UI is excellent, and the colors are on point. I’m loving the color scheme.The box is very sci-fi. Only thing I would change is making the x’s outline thicker. 9.5/10 for that. Great job on UI.

However, I will now shift my focus to UX. In that regard I’d give it 3/10. The scroll bar is way too small, and it would be a pain to select it and scroll down.
The most important aspects for the user is not “Chips” and “Skins,” it is the actual area where you can see the items. The dark blue area.

With “Shop” taking up so much space, along with all the prettiness, you get a decrease in UX. The box is so incredibly small for viewing and scrolling in comparison with the actual GUI.

What’s the most important thing, knowing that it is a shop, and what category you are on, or the actual content? I’d say the latter. The UI should cover more of the screen, and the box in which you view stuff in, a.k.a not the 3 biggest words, should be considerably larger.

Also consider this: If you’re going to give a vast catalog of items, having the viewing area so incredibly tiny, to the point that it would be 1xn, is silly. The padding is also quite wack.

Lastly I’d recommend putting the credit amount somewhere in the GUI instead of outside the main box. My eyes do not want to jump back and forth.

TL;DR: Really pretty! Great UI. But lacking in UX. :smiley:


What did you use to make that?


I have no idea, probably some Adobe program. I didn’t design the elements specifically, my UI designer did all that. :slight_smile:

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