Feedback on this House Layout?

Hello. Recently I’ve been working on this house for a game I’m making with a friend and I’ve noticed in many of my previous builds that I have had trouble with using attractive colors and materials in a project. I haven’t finished the house yet, but now that I have the layout done and the colors (hopefully) finished, I would like to get feedback on the basic structure and aesthetics of the house so far.

Note: I know that this is not detailed, so please focus on the layout and colors when giving feedback. I plan to add details after I finish the structure.



Any feedback is appreciated!![image|690x295]

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Could you supply some reference images? I seem to be spawning on the roof.

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I’ll fix that, and just added pictures.

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I think that the structural work/layout is fantastic, however the materials used clash fairly strongly. The textured wall paneling’s detail and visual appearance clashed a lot against the use of roblox materials like fabric or concrete. I’m personally not a big fan of the default fabric texture for uses in carpetting, and it’s especially noticeable in my opinion in the areas with that red carpet, where the two carpets clash heavily. Besides the coloring and material use I’m so far a big fan of the building’s design, though, so looking forward to seeing more!

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I agree, though the design of how the house is layed out is fine, you should do some work on making the materials better.

I notice that sometimes you use textures, and sometimes you use Roblox materials. these often clash with each other and don’t tend to look good.

Also, when you eventually add more furniture I am sure it will liven up the place a lot more.
Other than that, good work brother! :yum::honeybee: