Feedback on this house

I want to know your opinions on this house I made a while back. Any feedback is appreciated.


nice house! I like the way you work with small details! (roof, nails, etc.)

  1. may add some chimney smoke?
  2. not bad if you added a fence and walkway to the house

Thank you for the feedback! I will definitely add some chimney smoke!

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A door knob to the door, would look nice.


Overall a good looking house but i suggest you should and more details to the door like a door knob.
Maybe add more windows on the sides?


Thank you for your feedback! I will try that!

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Thank you for the feedback I will 100% add that.

Nice house man, things you add

  1. Add another window on the left side.
  2. You can add some plants in the front, yard.
  3. Add a little deck, to it!

Looks nice keep up the good work.!


Nice house, only thing is the house itself looks nice, but it doesn’t match the environment. Like it feels like the house was just dropped on a random island. Try adding some more things to make it look like it fits. Add maybe a fence or as Jordohn23 stated a deck of some sort. Add some flower beds outside and maybe some pipes and electrical stuff to make it fit into the island. Maybe even a path way to the house?


Thank you! I will for sure try that!

I will try that! Thank you for the feedback!

Great build @ZondanRblx! I would like some greenery placed around it, examples are bushes, shrubs, flowers and more. Nice detail, the nails and the materials fit together great!

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Looks pretty nice. My personal suggestions would be to maybe add another window on the back of the house directly across from the front window, maybe change the door color slightly, chimney smoke like others have suggested, and maybe change the doorknob to more of a steel-like color. Other than those suggestions, it looks very fitting with that whole country setting.

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Hey ZondanRblx!

You have a nice start at a house! Here’s my feedback!


  • Add more exterior details, maybe a windowsill planter to bring in color.
  • Incorporate more color by adding more detail.
  • Add pointlights/any lighting to your window.
  • Change the color of the door/detail it.

Goodluck! Hope I helped!

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Hello ZondanRblx!

I recommend adding more details to the walls so it doesn’t look really plain.
Consider adding another window on the sides of the house.

Great start and good luck working on this house!

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So far, I love it. Love the little details you did. But, you can make it look better.

  • A doorknob could be added.
  • A fence around it
  • Maybe some decoration around it as well, like plants.
    Have fun, and good luck!
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Hey mate, the house looks good, but you can add some little details to make it look better.

  1. Details on the chimney. You can add some smoke to make it look like it is in use.

  2. Decoration on the outside. Even a little flower garden could give it a home sweet home feeling.

I hope this helped!

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I really like your build and I certainly think you can go above limits to make it better! You could certainly add more detail on the front of the house, such as a different door color, a doorknob, and just some decor on the front, due to the lack of decoration on it. You can also add a porch and a yard to make it look even better!

I really hope this helped, and I think you can do really good with this build!

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