Feedback on this little scene I made

Hey all!

I was wondering if you could give your feedback on this little scene I made (its nowhere near done so suggestions are appreciated!)



Maybe try using terrain and use the animated grass.

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There is not much to give feedback on in the scene, but from what I can see ill try my best.

Firstly, I think the trees in the back should have more colour, and maybe add a bit more background to make it look nicer, there seems to be a lot of the same colour. Messing with colours can greatly improve any scene in roblox, and background will always make it look nicer, try hiding the edge of the baseplate by putting some hills behind the trees, or more trees around.

Secondly, the colours of the character used are very bright, I feel like the blue shirt could be changed to improve the scene. the classic noob chest was “Bright Blue” and looks quite nice. Also the posing of the avatar is a bit off, the arm clips through the torso and is not attached at the shoulder properly, try changing the posing to improve the general stance of the character, and maybe lowering the shades as they seem quite high up.

Thirdly, the floor texture is a bit boring, try changing the transparency. or switching it to a nicer one, maybe a different shape and sizes.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask for feedback in my pms if you wish :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’ll make some changes!

Try to develop more time into it before asking for constructive feedback or criticism. It’s an alright start to a scene, but there isn’t much to really give feedback on because if you feel like it’s not done try putting a little more effort into your creation because it’s early in development:

From your screenshot, the thread doesn’t give enough information on what your building I would give the scene a little more realism and color trees aren’t green throw textures colors and give the background a little more life. Throw a bunch of vegetation props including buildings and other useful items that are needed in any case.

I would also make the area less empty, i can see it’s still a work in progress build so I can understand why it looks slightly not finished.

add some bloom and outline the character and trees in photoshop. That would make it pop. Also, why is the trunk green?