Feedback on this management type game?

Short showcase of something I’ve been working on.
Feel free to criticize.


I think it’s very easy. All you have to do is

  1. open the valve
  2. spam the breaker switch (or only when it’s low)
  3. close the valve when the water gets high
  4. spam the breaker again (or only when it’s low)
  5. go to 1. when the water gets low

Even if it gets harder over time (I haven’t noticed) then it would still be very easy.

You could add more machines like it that have to be managed seperately, maybe they activate or appear after a certain amount of time. You should also probably make it get harder faster with multiple players, otherwise each player could take care of 1 machine.

Other than that I think it can be a very fun game.

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Thanks! I was actually planning on adding more machines, but I’m still figuring out the specifics. I appreciate the feedback.
I’ve yet to add a penalty system for if you let the water hit 0 if you have the power down for too long, so I know there’s not much incentive to keep it working, but thanks for playing anyway!