Feedback on this post [ Building Support ]

Hello there developers, I’m Ray! I’m a builder. So, recently I’ve applied for few jobs and for some reasons, I keep getting rejected. I honestly think it is my builds that lacks creativity and details. You can play some of my games that most of my friends and other have liked, but I also am looking for your feedback.

. Futuristic Corridor - Roblox
. Subway - Roblox
. Studio Assets - Roblox

I also do have more creations, but for now, I’d just like to show my 3 latest creations. Some say that I use free models and my honest reply to this is; No, I do not use free models. I spend more time on building and give my best to make my build look better. So, using a free model in my builds is completely a cheat for me. I never and never will use free models. If someone asks me if, I use mesh in my builds, then my honest answer to this will be; Yes, I do use mesh. The reason, I use mesh is because it makes my build look better and using mesh is not a wrong choice in my opinion.

So, please guys help me know what I’m lacking and what I should improve on! I’m looking forward to get all responses to this post.

Thank you so much for reading!