Feedback On this Room

I am a scripter and I am practicing on my building, I would like some feedback on this build I finished recently for my game


(The screen is not just a block btw it has no reflection right now)

I modeled everything in this house except the keyboard and the Pillows


One suggestion would be to not use the same texture on multiple objects, for example the bed board, closet, walls, desk, chair, floor all use the same texture.

Keep in mind I mainly build low poly objects, so seeing any texture is a big yikes from me.

Other than that its a pretty good start and I’d highly suggest you keep working, you’ve clearly got a skill for this!


It’s really good! Don’t really need to add anything it’s perfect space

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Amazing room you made! I really liked the bed!

Suggestions: Right now, everything looks too straight. Try making the chair legs slightly bend a little, also make the chair backing a little slanted backwards too (I don’t like sitting in a chair that has a completely straight backing). Also, I think you could add more detail to the computer, as you can tell the screen is just a block.

Other than that, I think the room is really good, and I like the bed the most.
Good luck!:grinning:

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Its really good! Here are some suggestions to consider:


1: Seeing the same texture on every object isn’t too appealing, I wouldn’t go for a wood texture if the wall looks painted. (cake3738 said this in their post)
2: The bed and chair looks kinda uncomfortable, for the bed try and make the sheets/mattress more rounded! The chair looks too square-like as well try making it bend back slightly, like what megmavens5 said!
3: The trim at the bottom of the wall is kinda big, try slimming it down maybe?
4: I can’t tell if the objects are on the floor or not, such as the chair or desk, it could just be the shadows, try changing to the “Shadowmap” option to make the shadows more realistic?
5: The desk drawers could be changed to a different color then the yellow-ish hue, such as a more dark color of the original!

Overall, its good! :smile: I could only find these minor things to nitpick. Wish you luck on your game! Sorry if I went overboard by the way.


The room has a lot of good details but try using more of a variety of textures instead of just wood. Also Size down the bed and raise the ceiling because it looks way too low compare to the proportion of the bed.

The room looks pretty good, though I think the walls should be plastic (I’m picky with textures). I like the closet, and it gives me a beach vibe.

It looks fabulous, I agree that you should try using other textures because the wood really sticks out more than the actual furniture.

I think this would look better if you made the material smooth plastic.

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Thanks to all your help, here is how the room looks now


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