Feedback on this small portion of map

Hello! I’ve been working for some time on this small portion of London, and I started building it only for fun…so I wasn’t thinking of making a game on it, or had any specific plans. But in my opinion, the map is coming pretty well, so I had this spontanous idea to continue with it, make a pretty big map and work on it to make a fully functional game. I was thinking of making an rp game, with various jobs in it, or maybe (and I like this idea more) I can try to make a public transport simulation game, where players can rp as bus/train drivers etc. What do you developers think about it? I think this map suits well with these type of games.

I would also like a feedback on this small map, how it came so far and if there are anything that should be changed. U can even have a better look on the map by this link: (3) Gabriel’s Wharf - Roblox


Looks good! Maybe add some flowers around the trees? Placing some posters in-game like flyers in real-life would also add to the ambience of the game.


It looks VERY good! Nice job on this! I think you should add bushes and flowers to the map though. And maybe a little bit of grass too if possible.