Feedback on this terrain map?

Hey! I’m currently making some smooth terrains for Alterdrtift, a game I’m working on. I would really appreciate it if you could give me feedback on the overall design.
Place: Plains map - Roblox


Excuse me but can you include screenshots for mobile users?


Overall the terrain isnt that bad. It looks a tad rushed overall however. The trees could use a redo. It looks like you tried going with a low poly look on them. But textured them. You may wanna look into this. Lighting could also use a revamp. I would suggest bringing down the brightness on the project. The terrain can also be recolored. Mess around with that :smiley:

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I love the lighting choice for this map. It really gives it that cozy vibrant setting. However, I do think that the assets you put it is a bit rushed like Jaunr3y said. There were a couple of tree placements that were completely unnecessary

Just a heads up, this type of tree is missing a branch.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll replace the trees and try to ease up on tree placements and be more considerate on that aspect

Thanks, i’ll try to use a better tree choice for this map! i’ll also mess around with the lighting a bit

the pine trees are very nice aesthetically, but because of how large they are, they seem less detailed than the other trees. I would recommend trying to either up the detail on those or reduce the detail on the other trees.

also, maybe paint some of the more sloped grassy areas with ground or mud, to add some more logical variation to the terrain

also try messing with the fog - as a general rule of thumb, I like to make the color of fog about the same color as the sky, as that’s generally how it is in real life.

otherwise though, it’s a fantastic start! keep at it!


Using @2Hex first photo, you can see that the bottom of the tree’s leaves are flat. This looks a bit odd. Try adding some bumps maybe?