Feedback on THRID UI

y’know the drill, anyway how does it look:

yes i used interface tools for the icons


You could probably add the play and settings buttons to the side and you could also add an update log, you should also try making the background a gfx of the game.

ok ill try but i am kinda new soooooo

Looks a bit plain. You can also get a ton of good icons here: Material Symbols and Icons - Google Fonts


I use an app called Figma to sketch out my UI before I make it in studio, you can download it or use it inside your browser. I recommend you give it a try so you can come up with something more complex.

Looks very bland and additionally has a repeating “easy to get confused” feeling.

I’ll elaborate on what I mean:
The play button ‘>’ on the left of what I assume is a Label can be very misleading. I would instantly assume I should click the ‘Play!’ “button”/Label, but once I notice the triangular play symbol next to it, I can’t tell which one actually would take me into the game. The same applies for the settings.

On the topic of the settings, you don’t need two cogs on either side of the rounded rectangle. I presume they’d carry out the exact same function, and it’d just be unnecessary.

Here’s some ways you could improve this piece!

Remove the “–” from each side of the Title.
Decide between having a play TextButton or a play ImageButton, both just feels wrong. Same applies for settings.
Spruce up the background! It may be worth looking into creating a background using a camera, so the player has a little more to see whilst on the menu. Just adds to the experience.

even tho you’re the co creator of piggy intercity
it is hard to make ui when your pretty new

but anyway thanks!

i am also new to coding

idk how to do that

make the play triangle a box, and make it white with blue outline. settings text and play text different font + make settings text white and the icons have a white background. and change game name text to a logo or whatever 4/10