Feedback on thumbnail

Hello, so I made a thumbnail for a game I’m currently working on. Any constructive feedback will be highly appreciated!


I really like your work! :happy1:
You did a very good job with lighting and shadowing. The only thing I think you need to work on is the logo:
Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 8.05.40 AM
It’s kinda small and not positioned in a very eye-catching place since the horns blend in with the devil. I also think the crossed swords don’t really fit above the horns and you should either put them elsewhere or get rid of them entirely.


I see you draw it manually, it looks good. But the sign “After Life” should be bigger.

You are my favorite artist! Thanks for the support!

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I will do that, thanks! I really appreciate the support!

i love it did you make the game for the gfx

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Send me link to the game when it will be done!

Sure! The beta will be released the 11th of march

I really like this! :star_struck: :+1:

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Great looking drawing! Logo could be a little larger or bolder. Still looks great!

march next year?30charsssssssssssssssssssssss

I like your design its just that the writing is to small to read so you mind have to fix that.

Woah the drawing is really good. Just that the text is small.

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Work a bit on the glow, i can see that you used another brush, or airbrush ig for the glow. You shouldnt use another far i can see you used the brush for the glow just because your glow brush has a glow thats too sharp. Instead of using another brush just blur the glow brush. Besides that add a mouth because i thought these lines on the head were to confirm the object is round. With a mouth people will be more sure of the fact its a face.