Feedback on tribe selection GUI

After some help from very generous devforum users I was able to complete my tribe selection gui and patch some errors. Any feedback would be much appreciated becuase I feel like something is off with the UI portion of it. The inspiration was booga booga and cenozoic survival so I was going for the simplistic look but it looks off to me for some reason.

Haven’t quite yet set up the invite or disband gui so I was just firing the remotes directly from the server just for now.

Heres a short demo:


It looks good, but I feel like some elements are too close to the edge, and the animation could be a bit faster. Also the bottom text might look better centered


Thanks for the feedback Landyn, definitely going to center the elements and the text as well as speed up the animation. Much appreciated :grinning:

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It looks pretty good but there are some slight adjustments that could be made

  • Move some of the text so its not as close to the borders of the UI
  • Make the animation of the UI moving up/down faster

Additionally, I have a question about how the “Choose Tribe Colour” system. What would happen if a player were to click a colour option that’s already taken? A recommendation (if you’re not already planning on doing so) is to make it so that the “Create Tribe” button changes to a button to request to join the clan (and the join request is sent to the clan leader to accept/deny.)

Also is there anyway for someone to leave a tribe? If not, I would recommend adding a feature like that (along with giving the leader the ability to kick a person from the clan.) My last suggestion would possibly be a system where clan members can vote to remove a player as the leader of a clan (to prevent trolling or stuff like that, maybe make it so ~70-80% of the clan needs to agree instead of ~50) and decide who would be the next leader. I understand if you don’t want to add this feature, but personally I believe it would make the system even better.

Other then that I think it looks pretty good!

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Hey Candy thanks for the feedback, to answer some of your questions:

If a player clicks a color option thats already taken it is impossible to create that tribe(as you can see in the video a lock image appears on that colors button) unless the leader leaves or disbands it.

Thanks to your suggestion I have made a way for members to leave the tribe:

There are 2 separate panels, the leader panel(which allows the leader to kick members) and the member panel which you saw in the image above. This is what the leader panel currently looks like(not the greatest, i’m still working on the player list and then ill modify the look)