Feedback on tycoon [INDEV]


As of now, I am currently working on a linear-style tycoon, and before progressing further into development, I need some good old feedback.

GAME: >> Gold Tycoon [NEW] - Roblox <<


  • The UI, the soundtrack, tool icons, and the more meticulous details are planned to be done. Right now, I require feedback for the tycoon itself.

  • The ‘Mine’ dropper generates you 1 million gold, giving you the ability to efficiently test the game, without spending too much time in it.

  • I plan on naming the game ‘Gold Tycoon’, for those who are curious.


Looking Good! I can see this getting a lot of plays. I will even try it out!

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I’m looking forward to the game, it looks good.


Looks really good! Fun thing is that my first ever game was called Gold Tycoon :slight_smile:

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The most unique tycoon I’ve seen yet.

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Wow, this tycoon looks absolutely stunning coreful!

Keep it up dude :slight_smile:

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I have feedback, when you leave the king honor place, it should stay until someone else captures it. Or else, how can you play the game while being king? Other than that, this game is extremely fun.

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Nice modeling, the game itself has a lot of potential. Also, I liked the guards standing outside the door instead of the usual “laser door”.

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Hmm… Really nice! maybe add a bit more variety on those “stems” on each of the tycoons.

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Could you clarify what the ‘stems’ are?

like the things on top of the tycoon

Oh, you mean the beacons? I plan on making them give stat boosts later on