Feedback on tycoon {UPDATE}

A few days ago, I asked AND received tremendous feedback from the Devforum


GAME: >> Gold Tycoon [NEW] - Roblox <<

Now, after being on the receiving end of that feedback, I had the ability to patch most bugs, rework parts of the game, and add more fundamentals like the UI.


  • The droppers are modded to ease testing → feedback

  • The music isn’t final. It’s just to test, you can mute it in settings lol, sorry about that.

  • As of now, there is no artwork, unless you consider the UI. This means tool icons will mostly be the same as for now.

Any feedback helps me out! :smiley: :ok_hand:


The game is really good and I think it would succeed. I just think you should probably remove the random branches from the trees shown in the image below. They look out of place. image


I see. I will definitely look into it, maybe make the branches look more subtle [?] if that’s a good idea.

I love this,

You have made the cartoon style so well and i cant wait to see this fully out, Keep me updated on future updates :smiley:

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That is great to hear! I will definitely keep you posted :+1:

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I love the tyccon its well made, keep up the good work :+1: :+1: :+1:

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I love everything including where everything looks very modern, Congrats on how much effort you are putting into this.

Heres my suggestion:

  • Are you going to add GUI’S e.g. Shop, Donations etc.?

Apart from that, everything looks fantastic.

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Yes! Right now, the base UI is finished. The shop will be filled when the game itself is practical for release.