Feedback on UGC concepts

Just a few items I made a few months ago that I never really got much feedback on from my peers, so any would be appreciated.

Shattered D6 Keychain

Really just a reference to the Binding of Isaac, I didn’t want to just have the D6 so I made it the shattered variant and also added the god head. While making it I had the idea of how Isaac would carry items like that so I made it a keychain.

Backstab Prop

I just wanted to make this because at the time I was into balisong flipping, and I also thought it would be a cool thing people could use for TF2 cosplay.

Spam Ads

I made this because I just thought it was unique and I wanted to just put few jokes to like virus scripts and just spam overall.

Obby Aura

This one was really just a last minute kinda thing and I thought it would be cute.

Look at This Dog

This is my most favorite picture of all time.


funi. They looks nice. Expect the keychain it looks really weird like how you stabbed it in there.

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Very funny and also creative i like it.


Would be amazing if one day Roblox allows animated/with gravity cosmetics

The shape is a bit weird

SUPER CREATIVE! But try to keep it simpler.