Feedback on UI Design?

I just started working on this UI Design, and I’d say it looks nice. However, what can I improve upon with it?

Also, it scales pretty nicely, which I put a lot of time and effort into doing that.


I like the gradient look on the buttons! I would suggest you add a tint to the buttons to make the text easier to read. I would also move the buttons more towards the edge and make them a bit smaller, so they don’t hinder the player’s view so much.

Another suggestion would be completely removing the text and maybe moving to icons. I know Google offers open-sourced icons that you can check out.


They look great! I like the gradient filling on each of the buttons and the text as well, but as what Crossota said, you could add a tint to the buttons to make players read the text easily and not to have troubles as well.

Overall it’s a great UI design! :happy2:

I’m not sure I like the way the hover effect works. It seems a little jarring, but it’s quite hard to ascertain why. You probably need to tweak it a little, maybe make it a bit more lively.

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I really like it too! How did you do the gradients?

I used UI Gradients for the gradients, They are a new ROBLOX feature and I decided to implement them.

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UPDATE: I’ve worked on the Shop Gui, and I’m interested in some more feedback for it.

@ickeyben123 How would I go about do doing that?

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Well, your hover animation is novel, so it may or may not work even if you tweaked it. Of course it might look good to someone else, as everyone has a different design sense.

But, you may want to make it a bit more lively (or not, there is a certain pazzas to minimal design). If so, maybe make it get a bit bigger? Of course this can be hard if you didn’t design the menu with the UI List Layout thingy (very useful if you want many different sized buttons positioned next to each other).

The way I chose to do one of my buttons was this -

This is more contextual to what I want the button to do, but from it I’d say try changing the colour a bit. Gradients can look cool when messing with colour.

But overall you have a very clean classy-esche look going, like those modern websites.

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If you were giving me advice then I’m flattered :stuck_out_tongue:

@Uralic I would say to add a shadow to the gui, to make it more advanced and realistic. this video explains how to do that if you don’t already know. Also, I think you should add an effect when the player hovers their mouse over the gui. Other than that, it looks great! :+1:

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There already is a shadow actually, it’s subtle, but it’s there.