Feedback on UI design

I am making a game where you can check account statistics such as last logged in and so on. So I made this UI and would wish for feedback, anything helps!


For the type of game you’re making, it looks alright. I can’t really give any suggestions because that’s the only thing players will see when they play and the game isn’t really suppose to be a simulator or anything. Overall, it looks good for the type of game it is.

Okay, thanks for the feedback!!

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It looks good, the search gui could be smaller but its good!

Maybe you can add borderline and make it grey

It looks pretty great, I think you should keep it because if it’s your style you can learn a lot more but I would say add a texture to the background and change text font and color.

It looks good, but move text a bit to the center.

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Okay thanks everyone!!
Have a great day!!