Feedback on UI theme

I am in the process of creating a brand new game for a roleplay-based group I helped create with my friend, and am looking for feedback on the theme for all in-game GUIs.

Inspiration for the theme comes from image


It’s not bad, but I feel like the color palette could use a bit of changing.


Thank you, what colors do you suggest I use instead.


its not that bad though in my opinion the Team Changer UI is kind hard to see

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Alright, I will keep that in mind when I make changes to it tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback!


thats nice. starting off simple is a great thing! you might level up on making UI’S!


I need to say that this UI is basic. Just only thing unique is the ScrollingFrame.

If you want to improve and put more cool stuffs, you need to make them in a photo editor. A Roblox YouTuber by the name GFX Comet shows how to make examples of UIs from games, with this, I’m sure that you’re going to have many inspirations.


Thank you for the feedback and suggestions! I will definitely check them out.

2 Likes is a cool website for palette generation


It’s not bad, but I do have to say it needs

  • The colors do seem to be clashing in some sort of way, I would keep a consistent color palette
  • Something I would keep in mind is the text Hierarchy, I would divide each ui instance to its level in the Hierarchy(the importance or it’s order being displayed)
  • The team text are inconsistent, I would keep them the same size(can be done using UITextSizeConstraint)
  • The scrolling does seem a little thick, I would thin it down(would keep a relative size ratio to each ui instance
  • The typography does seem relatively good, although I suggest messing with some fonts which would fit well with the theme, but also be helpful to read
  • As said before, the color palette may use some work, but with that in mind, I would make the colors clear and robust
    Following the previous statement I would keep a balance between color and contrast

Overall it’s a good start, hope to see some improvement


I saw all your feedback, and fixed a lot of things. I first turned the button colors to a more white color, and made the text size all the same, as well as rounded the corners of them. I also did other stuff that you will probably notice.

I now need your opinion, should I keep the bottom of the scrolling frame non-rounded or should I round the bottom of it?

Not rounded:

Keep the rounded frame at the bottom or get rid of it?
  • Keep it rounded
  • Keep it boxed

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