Feedback on untitled exploration game

Pls give feedback on a game I made on my main account

note: put full graphics and full volume for full experience

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This showcase like game is pretty realistic and good, I liked the tree and rain animations as well. However, I suggest you remove the force field effect when you first spawn in.

The tree swaying looks great! The game looks great graphically. Though I feel like the rain particles facing you looks a little off-putting

If I’m being completely honest, the game itself is good it has good graphics although the few things that I have questions about. The F9 output has a Saude Error which is only an error you get with ACS, Leading up to the question why do you have a gun system in an Exploration game?

Another thing, The tree swaying is good although It is a tad bit excessive of the speeds there moving at.

The map is really small currently so there’s not much to give feedback on.
I’d say do some more work on it then we may be able to give more feedback but other than that it’s pretty empty.

tl;dr - Remove spawn FF, Decrease the tree wind, Sound Effects, Enclose the spawn location, Increase the height of the tunnels as I feel really cramped in them, Like crawling through a vent.

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Will do thanks for the feedback!!

I’m not sure I don’t remember adding acs

Also did you go into the bunker btw you can open the door