Feedback on viewmodel reload animation!

Here is my reload animation!

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basic and nice
it would be stylish if you added the H&K slap onto the animation

were would I do the slap I don’t know much about guns but do you slap the bolt?

I think hes talking about the mag. Anyways I think the animation is pretty good, but it kinda looks robotic.

I believe this is what they are talking about:

The animation looks pretty good. You should add a lot more position variation, it looks very stiff when the magazine is ejected (like it’s rotating on a pivot).

Also, you should make the bolt be pulled back before it’s ejected, then, after the magazine is put back in, do the “HK slap” showed above. That’s how most reloads with this gun (i am way too tired to guess which gun it is) are done.

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no why would i slap the mag

maybe your can find mw2019 videos on reloads and navigate your way to the mp5
and you can see how it works

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I mean hitting the mag from the bottom. Ive seen it in many animations.