Feedback on walking animation

I would like to achieve a smooth and realistic walking animation, something that looks like it came out of blender

Heres the animation

Feedback is greatly appriechiated!!

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I don’t know if this animation is supposed to be a slow, laborious walk, but the body could be leaning slightly forward and the legs could be moving faster.


it looks really stiff, Doesn’t look all that realistic to me. I wonder how that dummy kept his back in that position so well, The legs seem to kind of teleport (a bit). Looks kind of robotic to me.

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Yes, as agreedto @Crazedbrick1 it it leaning too forward and the legs should be faster, you should lean it back rather than forward or make it straight.


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thank you for the feedback! ill take note of this!

I suggest making it a bit more expressive, It looks stiff and unnatural. I suggest throwing the head around and add some torso rotation.

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