Feedback on weapon

Hi! I’m Fayzulloh, I just made a new weapon, here’s how it looks like:

Please give feedback!

POLL: I made 3 designs of this weapon here’s how they look like and tell me which one looks best



Metal and Smoothplastic

  • Metal
  • SmoothPlastic and Metal
  • Smoothplastic

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here’s a picture of the weapon with no weird gap

I do feel like the dark blue color is not quite good and you should probably change most of it to metal and probably change the color to black too. which gives that realistic look to the gun. But yea if you want the smooth plastic material too go for it!! Anyways keep it up! :slightly_smiling_face:

Magazine is off, and the design itself looks weird but It could be better with a few changes.
Look for references :+1: always helps

Depends of the game’s style, you should make it a bit brighter because making it all black will just hide some details that you may want to show off, also about materials, I recommend using SmoothPlastic with different colors and reflection set to 0.1, that faded reflection with the shine of smooth plastic really makes it look nice

OR since this kinda looks like a gun from Halo CE make it metal and gray

btw - the magazine looks really weird, too curved