Feedback on what I made

I made a couch for the V.I.P. lounge in my game how is it.


Well it doesn’t look that bad, I think you should add some curves as it’s too blocky also make sofa’s legs a little smaller, seat is a little too thin too


where does the couch need curves

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Just try to make something similiar to this (Also sory I mean’t roundings, not curves)

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Not bad model for beginner but i recommend make smooth couth, it’s look like so really cubic. And also i think what need some work with textures.(Set there sand) Keep your forward to dream!

did one side how does it look

UnionOperations have a smoothingAngl property, you could try using that

I dont know what that means also this is a mesh the curved part

You better do it everywhere instead of one part

I am just didn’t want to do everything if it did not look good

Looks pretty cool! Not half bad! Although you could make it less blocky…

Though the couch doesn’t look bad, it looks blocky, it doesn’t have curves and not right textures. But it’s a good start.