Feedback on why my game Plate Invasion failed

I want to try and possibly revive my game as I feel it does have potential even with the lack of success of getting and retaining players, and possibly the ability to use this feedback as kind of a “what not to do in the future” to prevent repeating our mistakes made for future projects.

The game is called Plate Invasion, you can test it here: Plate Invasion [Beta] - Roblox

We originally wanted to create a plate based game with a new unique take on the genre hence the classic / retro style of design to the game, everything is blocky, has studs and we’ve tried to keep the game uniform around this design including the interface, I’m sorry if this is a long explanation, I’m just curious as to what caused it to fail after we originally launched it.

TL;DR Plate based game where last to survive wins, there’s powerups, levels, leaderboards, shops, minigames, round themes and more, just wanting insight from fellow developers on why it was unsuccessful to prevent repeating it in the future and possibly eventually being able to create a successful game one day.


There’s just too much.
It seems like Horrific Housing got the most attention.
Another retro one is Plates Of Fate Remastered.
Finally there’s LAB Experiments.
Now after the popular ones, there’s still alien islands, justice jungles and numerous other remakes.
The reason why your game failed is because the genre is already monopolized, so without a destructive advantage, don’t try to start here.
Find another genre.

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