Feedback on work in progress CDC

Here’s my work in progress CDC, what ya think? Also what can I improve so far? PLEASE keep in mind it ain’t done.

Gate area heavily inspired by Area - 01, design altered by me and the entire build except for the gate position is my own idea from scratch. All built by me.

Built for fun



Doesn’t look that bad, could you do one thing though enable future lighting and see how it looks like because I believe the shadows would be way better and the lights would reflect it. I like the transfer area however you could add a little bit more props to make it more full.

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I did try that, I spent around a hour messing with future and just found it was way too dark everywhere even after tweaking lights and repositioning. So I reverted back to shadowmap. And yes I agree, the next stage is doing the cell interior and the little cafeteria bit with chairs and stuff so that would be adding props. Thanks for your input! :slight_smile:

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I feel like you could try putting around furniture around the place, coffee machines, vending machines, tables, chairs, office furniture to give it that CDC look

Yes, as I stated above in anothe reply. It’s still work in progrss and props are the next stage.