Feedback on world progress yes

each screenshot is a different portion of the 5 maps so far. the 5 maps are combined into a single world (place) in a game. this is all apart of a huge project my team and i are working on, me being the builder.

for me this took about a month (not all at once, i’m currently busy with school too at the moment.) i’ve gained a huge amount of experience with terrain, my most recent build being the 2nd to last one.

i plan to go back and do more terrain detail with some of these maps. (as you can see they need it.) this is only the progress as of right now.

if any of you have suggestions, i’d like to hear them.


Woah that looks really cool! Keep doing what your doing it looks great to me!

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I like the layout of the game and all but I feel like the paths are too empty, you should add small details here and there to fill it up a bit.

the paths are actually intended to be wide. after the builds are done there is going to be a combat system, and it’s going to require space on these streets.

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