[FEEDBACK] Opinion about my build?


I started to build this. I don’t know what is it but it’s seems to be good. I would like to know your opinion about this. What should i add or Change ?




I like the simplicity of it :+1:


This should go in the #help-and-feedback:building-support category I think.

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Thank you for telling me. Do you have something to say about my creation ?

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Its 7.5/10 I guess. There can be more added to it, like a fountain or a statue in the middle.

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It isn’t bad, I do like the simplicity of it. Good start.

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Wow, it looks very nice.

One thing you could add is a tree in the middle of the grass plots.

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Hey Dude, Very nice and clean build. I highly suggest using blender for the lampposts. I love how this build turned out for you. Very nice job!


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It’s decent, there’s a lot to be improved and added though. You should make the area where the rope is blocking off your entrance into the water wider so a player could actually fit through it, it looks very small and thin from the screenshots you’ve provided. Another thing you could work on to improve this build is messing with the lighting, like sunrays, colorcorrection, etc. To make your game assets I’d recommend using blender as it’s very easy to learn, it’s free, and it’s a lot more efficient and simpler than roblox studio.


Well, it looks really simple and relaxing. Though my opinion is that the build is great, you should better add some objects or models that would make your build more lively. Better yet, make the plant containers should have a brick texture to make it a little bit nicer.

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