[Feedback] Possible additions on this counter

I’ve recently built this Modern/Rustic type counter w/ a sink, I’ve been wondering what to add or what I could fix. I’ve also been returning to this build since it’s been abandoned a month or two back!

Thank you for any support you have -Darkwolfmlgk9



I like the look of it, but you could work on the handles for the coverts a little better but all in all it is looking pretty good. Keep it up good sir.

Maybe you could add like a microwave or something? Other than that, pretty good! :+1:

I’d like to say, for what is seemingly a counter made up of only roblox-parts, this isn’t very bad. As for additions, you can add a bar of soap on a soap tray, or a bottle of soap. Maybe a sponge on the marble, or a cloth hung over the mouth of the sink hose can add some definition and aesthetic wear to this build.

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Maybe the curves like on the faucet could be a lot smoother, I have this problem usually and let it be, I’m just saying what you could add to.

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I love what you did with the counter! It’s fairly detailed!

Though, have you ever tried beveling the edges of the counter? it might give the building a more appealing and smooth look!

Also, if you’re looking for the counter to stand out, you can also try adding some kitchen utensils and other kitchen-like objects around the counter/sink!

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