Feedback / price on low-poly minigun

I just made this low poly minigun, I’m wondering what the value of this is and any feedback.





Hi! the machine gun looks very nice, but i do suggest changing the front section, it looks very weird makes the barrel very thin.

I would also suggest trying to add some more colours to it if its a blender mesh you can do this in texture paints after UV unwrap it. Otherwise a very decent gun.

yes, it’s a blender mesh. however, it’s going to be a pain; I don’t really know much about blender so instead of extruding I just used separate parts, and to texture paint it I have to add a material and then connect it to shading, blah blah. that’s a pain, considering I have like 30+ parts and a potato pc. however, if there’s a way I didn’t know how to texture paint multiple parts, then I’d be glad to hear it. (note: when I UV unwrapped it literally all of the parts were just mashed into one face, making it hard to paint it)

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Hi again! To be able to easily unwrap your mesh simply go into edit mode ( TAB ) press ( A ) this is to select all then press ( U ) this is the shortcut for unwraping your mesh and under that press ( SmartUv Project) to be able to get a easy unwrap of your mesh.

If you’re wondering if you need to connect nodes for shades, blender already implants a simple node in node editor.

Now in texture paint if you wanna be able to texture it simple add a texture to it by adding +
and add (BaseColour)


Now to add in your texture add it via the picture icon.

Then done.
Hopefully this helps you.


I would probably buy for about 300 robux, but with more colors I think it can sell for more.