Feedback regarding my Cafe (not done yet)

Hello! So I’m currently making a Cafe (Kep’Cafe). Can you give me some feedback, please? What could I optimize, what would make players more entertained or is there something that I should change?

Thank you!


Is there anything I should change?

I’m not a very big fan of those cafe type games, just not my style. But I’ll review it anyway

The building of the cafe looks really nice. There’s less tables then an actual cafe, but it still looks good.

They day and night cycle is also cool.

I was on mobile when I was playing this, and the UI blocked the thumbstick, so I had to use tap to move. Not a big deal, but I think you should reposition the UI or something.

Overall, the cafe looks pretty nice! I’m not gonna rate it because it’s not done and I don’t really like cafe games, but overall it’s good.


The cafe is good and layout is amazing, try not to make the whole entire building one color or material, experimenting into adding materials.

As well the wooden material isn’t working in the cafe it kind of looks a little plain using reference image and see which materials are featured, players don’t want to see a cafe that isn’t detailed or looks the same maybe add something that other cafes don’t have?

I’d also recommend that you try not to make every object and seating white they tend to blend in with the floor on the outside of the cafe it’s looks plain. I believe that you should also place a few potted plants or flowers the material and material you’ve chosen doesn’t match a cafe design maybe you could add wood with some colors and see where that takes you.

I would definitely add some AC unit or vents on top and some wall pipes in the interior walls like things you normally see in a few cafes in the real world.

Try to make your cafe different from existing ones could make players have a good feeling that it’s not a repeated design that’s made over and over again nowadays every cafe that’s made sense to have repetitive designs and similar equipment.

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Why did you spam the description with ‘cafe, cafe, cafe, cafe’?


Those are tags. I’ve seen that other big cafe’s use those to get more players, for example when you search for cafe and your tags say cafe multiple times, your cafe tends to be higher than one that isn’t tagged.


Spamming tags isn’t allowed, I believe.

Uh. Almost every popular Cafe did that, lol.

Your definitely allowed to spam tags in games.

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