Feedback requested on my first build

I’ve recently gotten into Building and Meshmaking and today I made my first official build. I would like feedback on what I can do to improve this build and how you would rate it from 1-10.


This is just my opinion I do not like the type of design of the hammer But the pillars with the gems and the particle you have around them. Keep it up!

I’ve put the hammer and a shield I made into action:


The shield design is a little basic if you know what I mean you maybe could have more a complex patter that is just me though.
You see how this one looks a little bit more appealing to the eye but still look good with that hammer by it’s side.

the shield looks upside down, maybe do something about that

This is actually a really good build for it being your first so you said! I personally give it a solid 7-8/10 with the effort made on this!

However, it does look a little simplistic and bland, maybe adding some minor details that can make the sides of the hammer stand out (possibly using the neon material on some parts) or adding some wrapping around the handle.

Overall though, this is really good for your first build on modeling! I really enjoy it and can’t wait to see what else you do! <3

Thank you for your feedback I’ll keep building and try to improve

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