[FEEDBACK] RO-RO Ferry [Work In Progress]

Hello, I would like your feedback on this WIP Ferry called M/S Fennia for a worker cooperative group (Nordic Lines). It is a replica of the real life ferry. (Builders: wilhelmtk11, suominico) Any feedback will be welcomed.


the ship look so big but also a lot of room for the character to go on and also the style of the eating place is really good like “Pizzeria Fennia”.not only the style of the “Pizzeria Fennia” it look cool but also the “tax free market place” are really good in my opinion.there is nothing wrong with you ship now so if you want to send more i really like to see it!
that it for now and i will see you on the next reply…


The ship is really good to look at. It’s a good size to make it not feel like everything its entitled to just walking. The inside looks really nice and I’m looking forward to seeing this in a game.

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This looks really good. Decent size and everything looks decently detailed on the in and outside of it. The colors also match up really well. Really good work.

The Ferry, well to be honest, looks very great, I hope your development should succeed because of the fact, your design looks almost fitting for its appearance.

Here is the real life ferry so you can compare it to our version.


Great ship! I loved the fact that you added some environmental sounds around so it really feels like a ship. The colors and the interior match for a 1970-90’s ship.


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I am going to script some safety systems and some generators that power the ship.

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Looks really cool! Keep up the good work. :+1: