[ Feedback ] Sci-Fi Hallway

Hey! I was checking some of my places and I found this sector that I started for a SCP genre group. I stopped it because I was a bit lazy but I could maybe continue it one day so I would like to get some feedback for improve this hallway for be better. Thanks for any suggestion!

This is not the entire sector but some rooms can’t be shown fully with one screen or are not that much special. These 3 screens are enought for show you the sector style I think.


It looks great I love the use of blue you have very chilling and scary.

It looks good in my opinion I really liked the texture of the corridor without a doubt a good job :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks pretty cool, although I do have some suggestions.

  • Maybe make the concrete barriers a bit more thinner and the slope a bit smaller.

  • (It looks like) The light above the gate intersects the blue line so maybe you could fix that.

  • The corners of the ceiling look a little weird in my opinion, maybe add something to make it look a bit more natural.

Other than that, it looks very good. Keep up the great work!

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Thanks you, I’ll try that. For the corner It’s a union for get something curved but It’s a bit hard to see. I recognize that It’s a bit weird so will try to find a correct solution

Looks nice. 10/10 (Maybe It looks a bit too blue)

I love what’s been made here! Especially how the lighting correlates & is utilized to fit within different segments of the building.

To improve, I think that switching up the design of this staircase, potentially switching it to a more darker version than white potentially use the same colour scheme within the corridor. This way we can give a more correlating colour scheme rather than a sudden change. Just a suggestion anyways, no need to actually follow what I’m saying.

I also feel like beams would be a great addition to lighting maybe?


Overall, it’s great! Good luck with proceeding with the place, all the best!


Agreed with you, I had a problem with this stair but I didn’t got any idea for it thanks you. And good idea for the beam I’ll try soon.

9/10. Great build, maybe add a blue trim to the ceiling help with the ceiling. Definitely try to make the barrier’s a little more slim. Overall beautiful build, best of luck with your place. :smile:

No problem! Looking forward to seeing what you can come up with, good luck!

Looks good so far.

I would recommend addng floor patterns, wall patterns and maybe some more lights in certain areas.