[Feedback] Sci-Fi Style Building

These are the buildings I made for a Sci-Fi style game, any type of feedback will be appreciated.


the sci-fi you have work right now are really good but the wall kinda to bright right now so can you make the little bit grey so that it almost look like a sci-fi plus i love the style by the way…
so keep up the good work. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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It looks good, but it is a bit bland. Try adding some more details and filling in space.

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Do you have any suggestions for me to build and fill up the space?

I personally think it’s not bland and looks fine. The chairs look quite pleasing and the neon strips are a nice addition

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try adding some food. Maybe posters or plants. Maybe a back door (that leads to the kitchen(note: It doesn’t. need to be open)).

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The rooms are bland I like the effort into the props but there should be more stuff to fill the room

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I am here! I’ll give you some idea’s which might improve your work!


  • Add some cool space plants. :sunflower: :robot:

  • Add some futuristic television screens :tv:

  • Add details to the floor, like a path

  • Add lamps :bulb:

  • Make some futuristic NPC’s :man_scientist: :woman_scientist:

  • Duplicate the tables and place more of them

  • Add more details on the walls

  • Make some futuristic screens where you can order your food on

That’s all i can think of! Good luck with your Sci-Fi Style Building!!

I really love the style you’re going for! Looking at the screenshots, the buildings look fairly simplistic yet very simple from the looks of it. It doesn’t look that bad, but I would consider looking at different types of sci-fi buildings to get some ideas from, but it fits very well with the neon color you added.

Maybe try adding some other colours other than neon blue, like red, yellow and others that might fit together within your build. Some ideas include a window, an airlock door, control panels, pipes on the walls ect. Get creative with it the list goes on and on. What I recommend is to try throwing some signs on the walls and some trash cans throughout the building to look more better if your still looking for ideas to add to your build, I’ll try looking at some reference images to give you some ideas to add to your game.

Over all those are a couple of things that I can think of at the moment, other than that, it looks great! You can really feel the sci-fi/vibe that you are going to hope to see where you take it in the future!

The room is very empty. Try adding more other types of stuff such as decorations, windows, lights etc. It would make the room better and less empty.
You can also try to better the detail if you wish, as it will improve your work.
I mostly use a reference image or get inspiration of other things that you should also try to do if you aren’t already doing it.
I don’t have any ideas of what more you should add to the room, but as I said you can search up different types of sci-fi rooms, get inspiration and will hopefully help you make your room better.
The chairs and table looks great, I like the style.


Very nice, It is very blunt I say so my self, I’m not a fan of the neon blue color on the boxes etc, It’s very empty, I’d add some special SCI-FI boxes.

Nice build,