[FEEDBACK] Solitude Game (Showcase like)


This was the first game I created that I was actually proud of, and I would like your feedback on how to improve my game. Make sure to put your volume up to your liking, and have graphics quality at full!

If you would like to hire me my discord is Maverick#2473

I accept all constructive criticism!

I will be coming out with more topics like this in the future!

This is my favorite part of the game it looks great with good quality the sun rays and the waterfall look so great together keep up the good work. You also did really good on the terrain. :smile: for somethings you could add maybe something more to explore like… a cave or have a bridge going over the water. Also you could add a blur or a stronger blur to make it look dreamy. Another thing you could add is some animals maybe. Just an idea. Make sure you keep up the good work. :smile:

Its nice, but empty, and also your game almost opened a back door on me! I didn’t get enough time to screenshot it, but one second I was in mr krabs obby, an another second I was in Solitude… be carful!

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Thank you for the great ideas! I will be sure to add some of your great ideas in! Thank you for the awesome constructive criticism!

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No problem, I always try my best to help people out to make sure there game is better. :smile:

Sorry about that, I have not experienced the game teleporting me to different games, I did, however, find a bug that I later fixed… Thanks for coming to me about that I will be sure to investigate it!

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Yeah this is the second time its happened to me

Alright, I believe I fixed the problem, join the game again and see if you have any problems!

right, it hasn’t happened again. Maybe it was my PC? im not sure what happened but it wont happen again. Thanks :smiley: