Feedback & Suggestion post - [WIP] Modern, realistic meeting room

Hey, hey Developers,

This is a feedback post on one of my newest WIP showcases that I am currently making.

→ I’m looking for more ideas & suggestions on what to add
Constructive critism & feedback
→ [optional] Performance

Link: [Showcase] Meeting venue - Roblox

Here are some screenshots of the creation

Thanks ahead!

P.S: Yes I will be adding chairs, don’t worry


Great building! One issue; it’s hard to play on max graphics settings. Witch is ironic because the place is not that big. I believe it’s the 100+ parts on the celling while the lighting is very intense. It causes my rendering to be delayed…

(I have a decent PC)

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Hey there,

I’m gonna take that in consideration and find a quick alternative to fix the issue.

~ Crash