[FEEDBACK] Suggestions for my first houses

Hey everyone! This is my first time building house’s like this so please tell me what I can do to make it better. Tell me all your suggestions and criticism.

Game link: yoy - Roblox

House 1 Front

House 1 Side

House 1 Back

House 2 Front

House 2 Side

House 2 Back


Decent build, but I’d give it more detail, such as extension shapes, different objects, maybe have one look different instead of having similar designs as the right house.

Image of a house with a better design

Starting with the 2 house, it has a nice feel to it like the cartoon look you’re trying to achieve, however delete or decrease the amount of windows on the build instead of placing repetitive windows, replacing them with a sliding glass door some small windows next to the kitchen area could work different shapes, could improve it such as a better structure in the back of the building make it have a cover underneath the door area with some stairs leading to the door more like a porch.

I would detail both of the houses as users would look at the important objects the most. Try to rework the house you have created as it currently lacks details and looks undetailed which would fail the style you’re going for what type of house you’re trying to create I know the name I just can’t think of it?

The brick formation looks nice, but it, shouldn’t be the same color as the house try going for a different color and see which ones suits your liking making an overhang front roof could work things that you’ll normally see when approaching or visiting your family’s house.

Since this is your first nicely done. Good luck on creating more houses.


Thank you and I will work on the back of house 2 and adding more details. I think I know what you mean by the color doesn’t fit the house and i’ll try to fix it. Thanks for the suggestion :+1:

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Would suggest to make uses of wedges and plugins to make the house less blocky. (I know this is being said literally everywhere by me but it is the truth so yeah…) Otherwise this house is okay.

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Okay, thanks for the feedback!

If you are going for low-poly, play with materials and colors, and don’t make the windows/bricks repetitive, add some differences to them.

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