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Hello everyone.
I have been doing a lot outdoor builds, and haven’t been really practicing any in-door building. So I decided to practice in-door building, and this is the final product. Any suggestions?

Things I’ve already noticed is one stair being more up then the other on the left stair compared to the right on the first picture, and the continuous usage of lights. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



WHOAAAAAHHHHH! The only two things that I don’t really like about the build are those God forsaken outlines and the furniture.


That looks absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Like Krunnie said above, I’d smoothen some things out and get rid of some outlines and make the furniture more detailed a bit more realistic looking, but other than that you have a great build!



I completely forgot about the outlines. I’ll change it. :slight_smile:
I’ll also redesign the furniture as well. Thanks for the feedback!

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I’ll get rid of outlines, and make the furniture more realistic. :slight_smile:

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Oh my looks beautiful! I love it! The brightness is so cool.


It looks really nice! One thing I have to add is that there is a bit too much gold in your build. You should probably tone it down and include some other colors and materials.

Other than that, your build looks so good :smile:!


Thanks for the feedback!

I’ll adjust around using the tone of gold while trying to keep it looking as good as possible. :slight_smile:


For my perspective it looks GRT but one thing I noticed is that you did not pay much attention for the chairs and the table. I suggest a redesign of them, it would make the build look way better.


Hey TypeByte,

Your build is INCREDIBLE! I really love the amount of detail and work you put into it. However, I can see a few things that can make your build better.


  • Shadowing; Not sure if it’s just me, but I feel like adding shadows would increase the feel of realism of your build.
  • Depth; Maybe try to be more off-shape or add different kinds of shapes. This helps to make your build even more appealing.

Overall, it’s an amazing piece of work you have. I personally cannot compare it to mines. :joy:

-7w_w (Pika)