Feedback || Takoyaki shop

Give me your thoughts :D.

(I am aware that the sign doesn’t actually say ‘takoyaki’ in Japanese but I couldn’t upload certain letters onto Roblox for some reason. If this letter was ok in red it wouldn’t be ok in black. I even got warned ;-; so I just replace it with random characters instead.)

Here is the game link if you want to check it out: Midnight Takoyaki - Roblox


This is lovely ! I really like it
The vending machine’s texture is concrete though which is a bit weird

Also I tried to enter the game but you set it to private

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Thank you for the reply!
I’ve already set the game to public beforehand, maybe Roblox being a bit slow.

Very cool build! I like the little details and the care you’ve put into the interior and exterior of this build. If you have the hardware to run graphics 10, I’d suggest doing some experimenting with global and local lighting to add a little bit of pop to the build. This was a cool share, thank you!

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