[Feedback] Themepark Halloween type Decoration

I made this building which is meant to be a ‘decoration’ for a theme park for an example, not to be entered, but it’s just small details added to them for decoration.

I made this build a while back, but I’m looking to see if anyone would like to share their thoughts on it and suggestions I can add to it as I’m not very experienced in this area of building.

Thanks for any suggestions and feedback!


That wooden planks look pretty good!

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Your Halloween decoration looks pretty good.
Things I suggest adding:
• Broken windows
• Vines
• Dead vegetation: grass, bushes, flowers
• A light over the door that flickers
And many more!
Overall you’ve done a great job, keep up the excellent work!


Thanks for suggestions!

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I think it’s great but on the first picture some planks are coming out from roof so some little changes and it will be perfect, keep it up!


This really gives me a vibe of some overrun safe house during the zombie apocalypse, which is good considering that this is a Halloween decoration.
You could make this build even more “ruined”. For example, a huge pile of trash scattered around and some vines all over the building.
You did great on this!


On the windows, you need to border them up a lot more, maybe 1 or 2 more times. There can be a lot added to the build, considering the first picture is very bland and not very detailed. You could add more bordered up windows to the back or you can add a ladder going to the top of the roof, possibly a fire escape ladder. Could you also provide some images of the roof, so we can see what’s up there exactly? Another thing you can do is add a parking lot in that big empty space beside the entrance of the building. In that parking lot, you can have abandoned cars, or destroyed cars that no longer function. You can also add dead plants, a few dead trees to the build. Also add lampposts around the building, and maybe a few busted out lights as well. If you do decide to do the parking lot idea as I stated previously, you could add lampposts in that small parking lot. This build is looking pretty decent so far, can’t wait to see updates on the build.


I didnt mention it but the back isn’t supposed to be facing the players, it was supposed to be on a path and the front facing players. Although I will look into adding suggestions.


Hi @FabiGhost! :roblox: it was really beautiful and successful. I think you can do a little decor around here or I suggest you make the clock at night time. Apart from these, it was a great project. If you plan to sell, you can sell between 500 :robux: - 600 :robux: but I’m not sure about the prices.

I would add a bit more depth like the glass windows being dirty and broken, a big wooden door, all ruined and semi-open and maybe some dead vegetation growing on the walls. Nice build tho!

Thank you (and everyone else) for feedback concerning the build!

I will try to add them when I have access to my pc again which will be in a while. I just posted the images to see what others think and suggest to add.

Thanks again for the feedback!