[FEEDBACK] This is what the "LIVING ROOM SET" looks like in place

“This is what the “LIVING ROOM SET” looks like in place”

New sets comming soon.



The living room looks modern and amazing! But there are a few things that you could improve on, firstly I recommend making the sofa legs smaller and the second thing is that I personally think that the TV screen should be a slightly darker color and and screen transparency should be somewhere below 0.15.

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I recommend shaping the sofa legs. I also agree with @AmusingDev that you should change the color of the Television screen.

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Ok! Thanks for telling me i’m working on it.

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Looks nice, but some sofa’a shapes ain’t good. Try to make a mesh in blender or c4d for them. Fix sofa legs and pillows. But totally that is good job. Good luck :smiley:

I like the detail you put into the sofa. Like many others said I would reshape the legs. I would also change the lighting if you’re trying to go for a more modern look.

This looks very good! Although, it does look like the carpet has sunk into the floor a bit, so I’d change that if I were you.

The sofa is a bit blocky. I’d add some smoothenness to it to to make it look better! :slight_smile:

I also agree with AmusingDev that you should lower the sofas legs shorter and smaller.

If I were you I would also search up different kinds of furnitures on google and use it as a reference (it really helps a lot!)

Overall it looks good so far, keep up the work :slight_smile: