Feedback to my first build

Hi, I made a build that is a walking road in different seasons here it is.

Please give feedback



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I think the fall one should have some orange, yellow, and red mixed in there. And they could all use some trees and bushes too. :+1:


I think spring should have more flowers on the bushes, right now it looks like a recolor of summer. You could also make summer’s bushes more full (add more smaller blocks in different places on the bush) to symbolize that the bush has grown since spring.

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If this is your first build it’s not really much added to each season, nor worth giving feedback on. It’s a good progress to something from my personal opinion.

If you are going to have repetitive objects, I highly recommend adding more features to it or creating some unique models to be placed in each season add some snow, leafs on the ground and more. It can be quite dull t o have each season look bland and nothing showing such as the last season, the road is rather dull, which could also need some objects to add to those specific season. If you use reference image as example you’ll see what this specific season is give it more depth and props make it stand out at least.

Regarding your fist build, come up with creating things and adding them to it large trees that have colored leafs or snow on the corners and surface it would give the place a little more interesting look.

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This Isn’t bad, but it needs more detail, like trees, bushes, and maybe some stones on the road.

Also, this topic would go in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations

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I think its good to start!
You should use sand material instead grass for the brown parts in the terrain (fall build)

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